San Miguel de Allende

Cost of Living in San Miguel de Allende

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Everyone’s definition of quality of life is different.  Therefore, everyone’s cost of living is different. As a general rule you should be able to live in San Miguel for approximately 50% less than in the U.S. or Canada. However, if you live in a place in the U.S. or Canada that has a particularly low cost of living you will experience less of a savings. Conversly, if you live in a major ciy in the northeast or on the west coast you may experience a greater savings. 

After discussing this subject with many expats and taking into consideration our own experience, I have come up with an approximate figure of $2500 per month for a couple to experience a comfortable lifestyle. 

I have based  housing on rentals of furnished homes or apartments. If you desire a large executive home you can pay much more per month. If you desire to eat out most of your meals at high end restaurants your entertainment budget will be higher. If you buy only products imported from the U.S. your grocery budget will increase.  Again, everything depends on your definition of a comfortable lifestyle. We will discuss this topic in greater depth during your trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.